Me and My Insatiable Appetite for Bananas

sfjkhdkjf-584So I remember when I was a very younger, we always to be asked by my classmates to fill their slumbooks. (For those who do not know of a slumbooks, maybe you are to be search in a googles noh?)  They are to ask for a names, birthdays, etc. etc. They are also to ask your favorites, like your favorite color, place or food. Just recently, I wondered, why are they not to ask WHAT IS YOU FAVORITE FRUIT?

If that questions is to be asked when I signed they’re slumbooks, maybe I am to say apple. Or grapes. Or mango. I just love these fruits then. In an elementary, these fruits are not always to reach our bukids bacos is a very far. Maybe if they are to be reach there, is to be overripe already bacos a bukids is really a far. That’s why these are my feyvorites bacos they are not to be normal in my place and they are also very sweet. Yammy. Very much.

But then when I was to be graduated from a YooPee, is a very change in likes and not-likes. I suddenly like drinking a tea, and yogurt. I jint like these when I was younger. More to that, I have also grown too much appetite for BANANAS.


Bananas are obsessive. I always crave for it every meal, like in a vreykpast or a lunch, I am always to an order a bananas. It’s not as sweet as mangos, nor as crunchy as apples, but its soft and tender content right after you peel it is just so magical! There was this one time when I passed by a taboan in Cebu and I passed by a very many bananas and all I said was “OMJ. Bananas.” I was drooling by just the sight of it.

Maybe a peoples is to ask what I am to get from a banans. What are you? Are you not to know that a bananas is to help you recover from an LVM (loose vowel movement)? A nutrients in this fruits is enough to control your constant trip to the bathroom, so maybe you are to think of this fruit when you are a natatae. However, just don’t take a bananas in excess bacos you might be clogging your bowls with large amounts of….you know what. 😉

Bananas are also a very high in potassium which are vital to bone and muscle reparations. So to a health freak out there, maybe you should try munching on bananas instead of a chocolate bars, yes? Everything in a bananas is a speacial, even it’s visible fibers bacos these are the things that have more fiber content. So a next time that you are to eat a bananas, also include it’s fibers bacos you need it for proper digestion, okay?

Lastyly, my insatiable appetite for bananas stems from the reasons that the fruit is a very delicious. It’s just the right amount of texture and sweetness that makes you Oh-La-La. I like a bananas, most of all, bacos it shapes like…

an eggplant, which is, btw, my favorite veyjteybols.

Hope you like my banana……..entry in this blog. I’ll be blogging regularly from now on. Happy eating bananas and all kinds of banana shaped “food” everyone! 😉


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