A Crazy Relationship Problems of A Gerls to A Boys


So maybe I am to post supposedly a Crazy What-ifs to a situations. Is already halfway through the post until I decided to change a topics. A crazy what-ifs is just very hard to compose as when I think of a very funny what-if situation, a funnier version is to a realized, and then again, and again, so maybe is not a tapos and a post is very long already.

Now, going back to the subject of this very vlog posts, I am a very happy to think of this topic. Maybe since highschool, I am always a advisor to those peoples who jont know what to do with their lovelives. Maybe they are to think that I am a love guru, when I myself is a very single since birth. (Well, yeah, technically. LOL) Maybe there is some truth to a saying that “The best things in life are free.” Uhm, waits, I think that’s not the right quotation for this vlogs. Oh. It’s “The best love advisers are those who are single.” Yes, maybe there is some kind of a truth to it bacos a single peoples do not a bias yet. A singles is not yet to know a feeling of a person in subject, that’s why is a very objective in giving an advices. And that’s why every single advise is a fail bacos a persons who are to ask an advise is the one who truly feels and truly know what he/she wants. Okay, yes, maybe I already a speak a very many things about this which is very out of a topics already.

So going back to relationship froblems, a couples is always face many trials and hardship is the duration of their whole romance. So maybe in a fight, a gerls and a boys is to have different kinds of stories, and a different sides. So maybe I am to examine what a gerls think for a guys during a relationship, not only in a fights but in a whole relationships anymore.

1. All boys think about is a gerls’ two Bs. And sex.

*Errr, boys, maybe you are to help me here?*

Oh, hello there, peoples! 😀 Okay, so maybe, uhhh, maybe, this is not true noh. I jont know where this stereotype is to come from. While I accept that for most of the men, sex is as natural as peeing and pooping, is not true that this is what all guys think about. Okay, maybe you are already a know what a 2Bs are, right? So maybe is a BOOBS and a BUTTS only. Okay, a butt only, bacos is a scary when a gerls have two butts already. But well anyway, a gerls is a think that a guys is only fascinated with gerls bacos of the properties of the 2Bs. But no, a guys is not only after that noh. Sometimes, a guys also a thinks of a gerl’s sense of humor. Yes, sure, it’s a plus when you are gifted mentally and physically, but what truly attracts a guy on a long-term basis is a gerl’s personality. A recent study is to say that more than 50% of men get attracted to a gerls who make them laugh and who can talk of anything with a guys. So yes gerls, maybe is already a time to fill those brain cells with a things that can make guys go gaga over you bacos dears, again, sex is not what we think of all the time. At least not all the time. 😉

*Okay so maybe this is very hard to defend noh?*

2. A Boys should be at all time act chivalrous.

So maybe a gerls is to think that they are still to live in a Medieval era. Hey, dears, wake up, we are already in the 2nd decade of the second millenia, so maybe a perception is a change also noh? Maybe a children today should stop watching a princess movies, like a Snow White, Enchanted, and those kinds of movies as they are the very roots of all the gerls’ mis-fantasies. While it is a consolation for you if a boys is naturally chivalrous, maybe you are not to expect that your next relationship will be the same, unless he watches the same movies that give you such a fantasies. Maybe he wants to be a princess himself, what are you? In time of Bourne and James Bond series, maybe we are also to expect a gerls to help themselves up like a Bond gerls who hold guns. Yeah, I am to talk about empowerment here. Is a very ironic how in the time of a very many development in feminist school of thought, a more gerls is to expect their men to be chivalrous like knights and princes. *snap snap snap*

3. All Boys are the same.

I jont know to this, but I always a hear a bitter women say this. They are not to give another guys a chance. Or maybe a gerls who are to say this are already tried to be with all guys, like all 3billions guys in a world. Gerl, what you are saying and thinking is plainly impossible. And whoever told you to try them all? What are you, an open city? Ha! So maybe when a gerls is hurt by a previous relationships, and then hurt again by a next relationship, they are to say that all men are the same already. Dear, please do the math okay? What you experienced is just less than a billionth possibility, so please, stop saying that all boys are the same. What are you to think of us, a factory-made creatures? Even for some factory-made products, there are defected and high-quality, ya know.

4. That when a boys is not an able to reply to a text or answer a calls, a boy no longer cares.

So maybe I am to always notice this and maybe, this is a very common reason for a fight between a couples. Gerls, if this is your way of thinking, maybe you are to to marry a caller ID so there is an answer to calls immediately. Maybe a gerls is to realize that guys also have other things to do other than trying to please their gerls. And maybe they are to realize also that a guys is not to think always of a gerls. (Maybe others are to think of other guys also, what are you?) Guys also have other priorities–we have our barkadas, inuman sessions, work and finances, dotA, etc. etc. A guys is to know what urgent matters are and are not, and they act depending on their priorities, and gerls, I am very sorry to say, a guys is not always to prioritize a gerls, okay? So maybe, when it’s time that you do not receive a reply of a guy, or a guy is not an answer a phone call, maybe is a way of telling yourself to prioritize other things other than bugging your guy. 😉

So maybe I am to igo a very many feoples with this vlogs post, noh? I know, so next time, I am to make a vlog post of the same topic, but the otherwise. I am to tackle a Crazy Relationship Problems of A Boys to A Gerls (and what I think about them). So yes, anymore, I hope is an advise you bacos of the above post, and maybe let’s just love-love-love, no more complications.

Goodbye anymore!


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