When me is a Shuffle a 20 Songs

Hey anymore! So maybe I am a very sorry bacos is a very late this post. I am a very busy lately cos I has a very many things to do in a world. Maybe a peoples is an invite me to party this and party that when I still have to balance planting camote in our backyard. I also has to take care of my 3 little siblings, a make axe a firewood, fetch water, do the runway, design some graphics, usher people for an international conference. So yeah, maybe you are a get the idea. So maybe if I am a new hero, maybe a peoples is a call me a super….. SUPERBUSY. Ah-huh. OMJ I am so funny.

Relative to the title of a post, maybe I am a write of a topic I want to talk about. So maybe when I was a browsing my facebook (like my profile picture, btw LOL), a peoples is a say that you are to learn a personality of a persons when you are to know of the kind of music they listen. I am a slightly taken aback by this statements bacos a music I am a listed to is a very mixed up, and personally, I am not a mixed up person. Yeah, uhh, maybe. Yeah, really, maybe only. So a rules in that is to take an iPod, and maybe bacos I jont have an iPod, maybe I am not a continue a game. So yeah, maybe a post is an end only here, but bacos I love you, my dear readers, I am a get my phone (with about 200-250 songs in it), and start a game. Press a shuffle, and a list the first twenty songs that is an appear in the list. No cheating. Maybe if you are to want a please a peoples your music taste, you are a next-next to a good song and a list only the ones you want to appear in a list. Ahhh. What is that.

So before I rant about a peoples who want to pretend and to want to a please other peoples of their fake taste, I am a present to you a list of a twenty songs in a music phone. Maybe I am also a give a good song suggestions bacos I have a very good taste in a musics. *snap snap snap*


Feel Good. Chuk Chak Chenelen Chenelen. Feel Good.

1. David Guetta – The World is Mine

Maybe I was a shocked when I heard a first notes of this song. I was like, did my brother upload random songs to my phone again? So maybe after a few seconds I realized it is this song. Is a party song by a DJ David Guetta. Maybe I prefer his songs in a past, like this one, compared to his commercialized songs now. Hey, I’m not really a party peoples.

2. Wish You Well – A Fine Frenzy

So maybe is a Christmas song, but maybe is a stay in my playlist bacos is a good tune. And yes, maybe a concept here is a true bacos I love a Christmas very much among any other holidays.

3. Grouplove – Don’t Say Oh Well

Is a lingaw song. Although I am not to easily understand a lyrics, as I only understand the “Don’t say oh well” part, is a very catchy and you would want to dance with it.

4. Goo Goo Dolls – Slide

Maybe only a very few of my friends is a know this song. Even before I knew of this song, I only know an Iris of a Goo Goo Dolls, and is not even in my playlist. In a Youtube, it barely got 5M hits. Despite this, a songs is very refreshing alternative song. And yes, I do love alternative-pop. 🙂

5. Yukon Blonde – Rather Be With You

Maybe when I get to read a comments in a youtube video, is a say they somehow sound like a The Beatles. Is got a bit of The Beatles flare. I like it. Okay, maybe I am only a copy that comment from a top comment in a youtube, but maybe, maybe, that’s all I have to say. For the information of everyone, Yukon is a province in a Canada. Is a westernmost part of a Canada. And maybe I am assuming that this band is from that territory, and that they are all, well, blond. They still got a lot of good songs, maybe you are a check them, too. 😀

6. Alicia Keys – If I Ain’t Got You

From one of the most talented musicians ever lived, this songs is one of my favorite anymore. Maybe you are an include an Karma and a Girl on Fire in a favorite. And a My Boo, and a Fallin’, and a Superwoman. Well, maybe is only a say that I like her very much noh? A Key’s debut album is a very much success, with a 5 Grammy awards including Best New Artist and an Song of the Year for “Fallin'”. And maybe this song is a very familiar to you also, I maybe I think that you are a like this song, too.

7. The Script – For The First Time

From the songers of a Man Who Can’t Be Moved (maybe because is already a nailed the lubot in place), is a very refreshing song (as always from The Script) which, although not as commercially successful as their previous singles, dominated a charts for quite a time.  Maybe when you are a listen to this song, you’ll feel pretty mixed up. Okay, maybe now I am slowly to understand that I am also a mixed-up person, whatever that means.

8. Jack Johnson – Better Together

Maybe a Jack Johnson is a very cool voice. Is a folk rock singer songwriter according to Wikipedia, but I jont think Better Together is a rock song. Maybe only. When I am first to hear a songs, I am to tell myself that I am to download it. And yes, I have shared this in a peoples wall to make them listen to it. Maybe, is always better when we’re together, whatchuthink?

9. Orange and Lemons – Lihim

An Orange and A Lemons is a fruits, but when you are to mix them, they are to make a good music. To the tunes of Blue Moon, Hanggan Kailan and Abot Kamay, an Orange and Lemons is an OPM band which entered the mainstream since the launching of Pinoy Big Brother. And yes, although there have been issues of originality on a song “Pinoy Ako,” you really cannot help but appreciate, if not love, their music.

10. Bamboo – Masaya

Is a very ironic song. A titles is a Masaya, and a first lines of a songs is “Ako’y malungkot na naman.” Anyway, a song is a come from another OPM hitmaker, Francisco “Bamboo” Manalac. So yeah, maybe is starting to show what I am. Maybe this game is a true at all. Yes, I love, and I support OPM. Maybe you, too, noh?

11. A Walk To Remember OST – Someday We’ll Know

Are you a believe me if I say I haven’t seen A Walk To Remember yet? Yes a peoples is a say it is a very nice (and tearjerking) movie. But nevertheless, I am to like this song. Maybe in a karaoke and maybe there is a good girl who is to good to sing, we are to sing this together bacos I am also a good singer. Yeah. Is not a maybe, but is a true. What are you?

12. The Offspring – Pretty Fly (For a White Guy)

You are a listen to this and I am to ask you: Did I awaken the child in you? Give it to me baby, ahhh-haaa-ahh-haaaa!

13. Haley Reinhart – Like A Star

Maybe this girl is one of a favorite Idol ever, just after Kelly Clarkson, and maybe after two or three more idols. Yeah, a Haley Reinhart is placed third in a season won by Scotty McCreery and a Lauren Balyena, waits, is it not Balyena? Oh waits, is an Alaina. Lauren Alaina, it is. Okay, maybe a songs in my phone is only a youtube rip and is not a recording, but she’s just so lovely I have to keep even the raw record. Btw, a songs is an original of Corrine Bailey Ray. 🙂

14. Jason Mraz – I’ll Be Anything

On our way to a Moalboal, a Jason Mraz songs is a play, an a friend is a say, non-verbatim, if I had a voice of a Jason Mraz (and John Mayer), is not a speak but rather sing everytime is an open a mouth. I would do the same, too. A Jason Mraz has a very excellent voice acrobatics and is a very good lyrics of a songs. I especially liked a You and I Both, The Remedy and Live High.

15. Nine Days – Absolutely (Story of a Girl)

This is a story of a girl who cried a river and drowned the whole world. Okay, maybe I am to tell a girls not to do the same bacos we guys absolutely love a girls when a smile. Btw, who else remember this song from their childhood/teenage years?

16. Carrie Underwood – Jesus Take The Wheel

Haha maybe a peoples should not think that I am a religious just bacos this songs is in my playlist. This is the only song that I am familiar of the American Idol Season 4 winner, Carrie Underwood. It also a reminds me when I was in a persyer college bacos an awesome Debbie is a sings this during Cookout, and she placed second. Maybe a peoples should not play this during trips also, noh? Is got a scary feel when you hear it. Maybe you are to dies.

17. Arctic Monkeys – A Certain Romance

I like the feel of this song. Seems is a happy song, although I haven’t read of the lyrics of the song yet. An Arctic Monkeys is a new kind of a mammal recently discovered by the scientists during their expedition to the North Pole. They are to see a monkey-like creatures with a hairier back (probably to protect them from too much cold) and are an excellent singers. Okay maybe I am to create a false origin of an fantabulous band, but hey, just go listen. Maybe you are to listen to others AM songs also. Is an fantastic! \m/

18. Natalie Merchant – Kind and Generous

Is a very weird video but a very good song. I have two Natalie Merchant songs in a playlist. Maybe I am share to you, whatchuthink? I’m kind of a kind and generous. 🙂

19. Sara Bareilles – Between The Lines

Maybe I am to love a Sara Bareilles very much that I have three of her albums in a playlist. Is actually a very happy that a songs is to be chosen in random bacos I just love this gerl very much. Love Song, Gravity, Breathe Again, Not Alone, One Sweet Love, etc. etc. Maybe a Between The Lines is a very sad song…. 😥

Leave unsaid unspoken
Eyes wide shut unopened
You and me
Always between the lines

20. Jukebox the Ghost – Under My Skin

Maybe like a first entry in a list, I am also to wonder what this song. Found it over a net, and is a very catchy tune, so I downloaded it, and is ever in a playlist. Go check it. You’ll love it, too.


Yeah, maybe a twenty songs is a shared to you by yours truly. As said in a second paragraph, you can tell a person’s personality in terms of a songs a listen to. Maybe is a partly true, like me liking an OPM, or not liking rock (as no rock song is ever in a playlist). But maybe is only a show a person’s preference on a matter, not necessarily who they really are. Maybe a peoples is to realize an addict person is not necessarily to a rock music, or a vice versa. There is a too much stereotype for the worlds anymore, and maybe we are to lessen it, don’t we think? 🙂

Till next posting. Goodbye anymore!


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