A Weird Kinds of Peoples in a Facebook (maybe in my friends only)

So maybe a months ago, I am an activate my Facebook again after a four-month hiatus. A very many people is da ask why I am a deactivate, maybe they are a say I has a problem in a lovelife, or maybe I am an wanting an attention (patagad) only, or maybe I am just a create a new account. Maybe…maybe they are a wrong. Is a deactivate my Facebook because maybe is only a feel noh? What are they? Is creating a reason for me, so maybe they are a replace a me in myself?

So is a an activate only a December, and is a very amazed in a very many different changes in a Facebook. Is a different photostream, is a different question in a status box (yeah, is a Facebook is an ask, “How are you Hey Anymore?”, and I am a cry because an FB is more concerned to me that anyone), is a new buttons, and a lot more. IS WOW!!!

So I went on exploring a lots of a change in a FB interface, but is a very sad bacos is a many kinds of people is not a change. Is the people who I left in a four months ago is still a very kind of people that they are. I cannot myself. What I mean? What I mean? There are a peoples who are still a like-hungry, like always an ask you to a like this and that. There are also a lovers who are a practice virtual PDA. A many more still, but in a below, I am a present a more annoying and a more weirder kinds of a people in an FB (and even in chwitter). Maybe you read a list of a weird people in a social networks:


Hey, maybe you are a like and recommend this vlogs, noh?

1.  A peoples who are a likes their own statuses. And their own photos.

 I jont know to you, maybe I did this a one time, or maybe in a twitter I also favorite and retweet my own tweet because it is highly favorable to me (which is very rare), but liking everything in your timeline is maybe an off-key already. Yeah, maybe I am an understand that maybe you are a very vain that you like everything that comes out of your fingers (as you type) but maybe you are only a like a posts that are very relevant, noh? Whatchutink? And maybe a liking your own status is like a licking your own balls, or ass, or armpits–yes you got it, it’s an ewww, it’s an weird, and maybe is a feel good (wait peoples I haven’t a tried licking myself yet), maybe it’s a very gross to look at. And maybe a primary reason why I am an include these persons in a list is bacos I really jont understand the rationale in a liking an own post. Is a VBH (very bad habit), and even though you are a very pretty but you are a like your own post, is a very discouraged with that already anymore. FTW. FOR THE WORLD.

2. Peoples who are an upload a vanity pics and a put a unrelated caption, be it quotation from an author or a line from a movie.

OMJ! OMJ! (Oh My Juices!) Maybe I am not an only one who are to observe this kind of a peoples in a Facebook. Is an okay to post a picture of yourself, maybe we an understand that you are very vain for the world anymore. But maybe only. But maybe there is a more weirder peoples in a world. Maybe a people is a put a quotation or a line as a caption, which is totally unrelated to a vain picture. For example, a VB (very beautiful) gerls is a post a picture of herself, but is a put a caption of a line from a Scarlet Letter by Nathaniel Hawthorne. A picture is only a project a smily VB gerl but a caption is about a hardships of a woman. What? Where you are to put a brain? Maybe a next time you are a caption properly your photo, like you are an indicate the date it was taken, where it was taken, what do you feel when that was taken, or how do you want people to react. (Gerls, i’m doing you a favor in this). Maybe if your goal really is an inspire a people with your quotations and movie lines, maybe you are a post it as a status. Or maybe if you really just want to show off you VB face, if it really is beautiful, we’ll recognize it even without the misplaced quotations. 🙂

3. A peoples who are a many wall photos. Yes, but of their faces. One every hour.

So every now and then a peoples is to an upload a wall photo. So in a news feed (or timeline in a twitter), is a say certain this and certain that is an added a photo in a timeline. When a picture is a loaded (yes, sometimes we get a dial-up connection), is only a vanity pecture of a peoples. It may , or may not, contain a misplaced quotation (refer to a kind of person #2), but when you are a check the rest of an wall photos, is only filled with a face of that person. Maybe I am a give you a best analogy for that situation. Consider a fb walls a cork board in your an office or an room, and think of uploading a picture or post as pinning things to the wall or a cork board. So every time you are to an upload a pic of yourself, you are filling a whole of a cork board with lots of a photos of you. Sure it does satisfy a persons that you are, but maybe are you not a bored with seeing only your face? As a peoples is a say, there is a beauty in a me. Or waits, maybe that’s not a correct one, well maybe is a correct but a conventional philosophical quotation is “There is beauty in diversity.” So maybe next time, you are not an upload a pecture of your face only noh? Maybe you are also an upload a pecture of your siko, your armpit, or maybe your a toenails. We’ll definitely enjoy that diversity. 😉

4. A peoples who are a make a chatbox out of a post.

So sometimes, is a me is have a blockbuster post in an FB. And a peoples are a start to a comments, like how fun a post is, or how bad I am at a making jokes. So maybe a peoples is a start to ask another commenter, and you know the rest of the story. They are to a start to make your post like a chatbox, and maybe sometimes you are a very happy when you have a very many notification, but is only a come from them talking. Is a very annoying, noh? Maybe in a twitter also is a very prominent this kinds of a people. A person is to start a tweet, then another person is a reply, and an very comfortable that their conversation is a publicly shown. Maybe is an okay to make a chatbox out of a post if you are a specifically mentioned, but when you are to make an chatbox out of a post you are an alien to, what are you? *snap snap snap* It seems to me that a peoples is a chat publicly to show that they are a close, that they are a good friends in the virtual network, but maybe in a real life, is a very different so maybe is not able to chat privately. But maybe only. So maybe, is an advice only, maybe if you think your exchanges of responses is a reach a four or more, maybe you are an opt for an FB chat noh? Or maybe a transfer to a skype. Is a free webcam. OMJ I am a very good adviser FTW anymore.

5. A peoples who are a say a thank you to a peoples who are a like their pictures.

This. Maybe I am a very tempted to say a “need I say more?” here. Maybe I know a lots of a peoples who are to be annoyed of this kind of peoples. Maybe only. So there are a lots of people who are to say “thanks for the like @heyanymore” and then a tag you, then you are a wonder why you are a mentioned. So maybe maybe you are a like a pecture of a someone and is a thank you for liking it. Whaaat?!? I just jont understand. Maybe a like is not a given, maybe a like is an impression and maybe not a thanked for, noh? A peoples is a like a post because maybe they are a like it, not because they are a give a like to you. Maybe you are a thank a peoples for liking people when you are an ask them to like it, whatchuthink? That’s how it should go. If you are a thank a like because a peoples is a help you go in a trend box or a top story, then dear I have a bad news for you. You have a VBH. Very bad behaviour. Maybe you are a LIKE-HUNGRY. Maybe I know what is a rationale behind this weird behaviour, yes? So maybe is a go like this. A persons is a start to like a pecture, and a OP (original poster) is a say a “thank you.”  Once is a say a thank you, is a go back to a top stories again, and a peoples is a like a pecture, and then a thank again, and then a top story again, so is like a cycle anymore, jont you think? So a main purpose of an OP is to generate more likes to a post, and yes, that is a VBH. VERY BAD BEHAVIOR. But maybe I am a wrong with my analysis. Maybe only. So me still is an advise to you, is a me is a said in a #2 and  I quote, “maybe if you really just want to show off you VB face, if it really is beautiful, we’ll recognize it even without the misplaced quotations.” Yes, maybe not with a quotations but with a lots of a thank you.


Yes, so here ends a random ranting again by a yours truly. Maybe I am a hit a lots of peoples with that firecracker, and I am a very sorry it hit your ego. Maybe you are a think that this is somewhat an advisory to a peoples who are a weird. But really, everything is still under your command. Anyway, your profile is your profile and not a mine, and I just to state an observation to a you only. Just go on with your life. It’s not mine that is a gonna be a talked about, criticized about and a joked about anyway. :p


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