7 Things A People Do In A Welcome A Nyo-Nyer… and What I Think About Them


I jont know with your time zone, but in my time zone, is already  barely 4 hours before we say a goodbye to the 2012 and welcome a Nyo-Nyer. So what is a Nyo Nyer? A Nyo Nyer is a time at which a new calendar year begins and the calendar’s year count is incremented (source: my beauty). If you still jont get what a Nyo Nyer means, maybe is only a mean a New Year noh? What are you?

Maybe in a typical Filipino family, this means that there are a very many foods that is to be served and to be ate in a midnights. But maybe only. Yeah, maybe only bacos we jont know about the foor familys who cannot myself, or waits, cannot afford to buy a very many a foods. In addition to a lots of a foods in a nyo nyer, a peoples are also have other practices in welcoming the year to come. Is a very many, but I am only a kilatis a seven of them and a say what I think of a these things.

1. People are HIGHLY ENCOURAGED to JUMP when the clock ticks at 12mn. Especially those who are vertically challenged.

I really cannot myself about this. Is a very many people believes that a nyo nyer is a bring not just a new hope but a additional height as well. WHAAT? I really cannot myself with this. What are they a think of a nyo nyer, a growth supplement? Ha! Maybe a people should be wary about this (o ha, what is a wary btw? I jont know the meaning of a word but I am a use it anyway). Is a very many food is a nyo nyer and a people is a jump-jump? Maybe a people is only an accident in an appendicitis so maybe is a take care noh? And maybe we are to an advise a, well, not-so-slim people to not follow this. I really jont know if they are a jump. Maybe is not a nyo nyer that we are a welcome but we are a say goodbye to the world anymore.

2. Thirteen ROUNDED FRUITS should be prepared.

So maybe the ones who started this practice is a very rich people. Or maybe those who know a lot of rounded fruits. Maybe if you are an ask me to name a rounded fruits, I cannot myself. Okay, let me try. Maybe I am an only know an orange, chico, rambutan, lansones, grapes, pomelo… Maybe that only. Maybe you are not an include an apple, is not a round. An apples have an hollow in a top, so is not a round. And maybe you are not an include the other fruits, sure they do have some round variants, but naturally they are not round. O ha, that is a very straight an English. Clap clap clap. And thirteen. Is a very many oi. Maybe if I am a buy every round fruit that I see in a fruit stands, I cannot myself already. Maybe is not an eat for 30 days. And maybe, maybe if you are a buy all 13, maybe the others are not an eat. What do you think of a fruits, a decoration for a nyo nyer only? They should be eaten of course. WHAT ARE YOU?


So maybe a while ago, I am a buy a fireworks (a Piccolo only) so it’s a welcome a nyo nyer. Is already a practice ever since when I was younger so is a keep a tradition alive. Is also a fun. Is a people is a say that a noise and a firecrackers is to shoo away a bad vibes and a malas in a household. Maybe we are a doing this for a past 15 years or so already, the malas is not yet an out of an house, so maybe is a rethink, maybe I am the malas noh? Or maybe a goood vibes is a discouraged bacos your household is a very noisy, so is no longer a go inside. And for a foor peoples, why are you a buy a firecrackers when you do not have a food? Maybe you are a rethink also, whatchuthink?

4. Change thyself. Make a NEW YEAR’S RESOLUTION.

Maybe I am an ask a question: Is a really a need for a nyo nyer to change a bad habit? What are you a think of a nyo nyer, a recollection? *snap snap snap* Maybe a peoples is to realize that they can change a VBH (very bad habits) any month of a year, any week of a month, any day of a week, any time of a day, so maybe, is a rethink you people that a resolution in a nyo nyer is not necessary really. Top resolutions for a new year include: (1) Eat healthy; (2) Jog. Or Exercise. (3) Love again. Okay okay, maybe a third one is only I create, but nevertheless, any change you want to attain is a very doable anytime. You only need motivation. Okay, maybe I was a bit serious there, but maybe only.

5. Make POLKA DOTS outfit trend.

So maybe a people is a think that a nyo nyer is a retro party bacos they are a wear a polka dots in a nyo nyer. In a mass a while ago, a very many old people is a wear a polka dots. Sadly though, younger generation cannot pull off that kind of an attire, maybe bacos is especially created for people of that age, whatchuthink? So is a Polka Dot bikini an acceptable attire in a new year? Is still a polka dot, what are you?

6. Share your blessings. Throw out some COINS.

Whoever made a pauso this practice is a very wise. Maybe you are a know that the cost of metal in a coin is a more expensive compared to its value as coin, so maybe you are a melt a coin and sell it somewhere else, maybe noh? Well, this practice is a date back to pre-Spanish era where a Chinese people believed that the sound of coins ward off evil from the household. Jusme, maybe you are a warding off a lot of money because of that and not an evil. A coin is a needed to complete a melyon, so maybe you are a think twice when you are throwing some blessings away. Or maybe when you are really a decide to throw it, maybe you are a throw it to me? I am an accept, I can make a fare out of your coins. A plite in a Cebu these times is a very mahal already, like an 7.50 pesos anymore, and sometimes an 8pesos bacos some of a konduktors is not a give a 50cents. What are they?

7. Thank everyone for the past year and ask them to stay.

Okay, maybe this is a very big firecracker it will hit a very many people, and maybe a very common to everybody. Most, if not all of us, is a think that a nyo nyer is a send-off or despidida party to our loved ones. We are a thank everyone for their stay and we ask to them to stay again for another year. Maybe they are a think that a friendship or a sense of being a family is an expire every year and is a need to be a renewed every year. Maybe is a very shallow concept of relations, jont you think? Maybe I am a did this is a previous years, but the better me is a realized that this is not really necessary as relationships will eventually grow, and will eventually falter. That a relationships is not a choose an end of a year for special things. But again, maybe only. Me is an understand that is only an reminder to everybody of their importance, but is a really need a new year to remind our loved ones of their importance? Is da? Is da? Maybe you are a ponder on that. (O ha, PONDER daw. haha)

Okay. Is a talk too much already that my deadline for posting is not a hit. Yes, yes, I am a very sorry. Maybe you can use this post for the next year. And maybe also I have a few more reminders:


Let’s do the Rubadabango! Happy new year, loves. 🙂


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